Prominent/Protruding ears/Bat ears

Around 2% of the population feel that their ears stick out too far. The problem is often inherited, and is caused by a lack of the usual cartilage folds in the ear.

Most cases of prominent ears become a problem in early childhood, often relating to teasing at school. Most surgeons advise that surgery for prominent ears is not undertaken until the child is old enough to understand what the surgery involves. At this stage the child is more likely to be cooperative and happy with the outcome. In addition one must consider that not all adults with prominent ears wish them to be corrected. Therefore if one operates on children prior to the acquisition of understanding a proportion will have been subjected to unnecessary surgery. For this reason, and because ear cartilage is often soft in the early years, operations for prominent ears are rarely performed on children under the age of five.

Mr. Dhanasekar performs the prominent ear correction surgery, which is called as Pinnaplasty using a combination of techniques to achieve a natural result. He does the procedures after a clear explanation of the procedure and also what to expect after the surgery to the child and the parents.