Personal Profile

Healthy Work Life Balance

Mr. Dhanasekar recognises the need for a healthy balance between his busy work and personal life.

My Martial Arts Journey
I had always wanted to learn martial arts, mainly for self- defence techniques, so I took up Taekwondo – quite late in life, in fact. I really enjoyed every bit of the journey, which involved intense, hourly, evening training sessions twice a week. It is a great stress buster.At the end of three dedicated and committed years, it indeed was a very proud moment when I got my Black Belt in 2015. Age is not a barrier and this just proves it is never too late to learn something new in life. I progressed a further year to attain the level of a second Dan Black Belt in 2016.
The five Tenets of Taekwondo – Modesty, Etiquette, Perseverance, Self-Control & Indomitable Spirit are essential good qualities for everyone to practice.

Yoga is for one’s mind, body and spirit. I practice yoga every day, which includes asanas, deep breathing (pranayama) as well as meditation.Some of the asanas I do every day include Suryanamaskar, Tadasana, Paschimottanasana and Apanasana, to name a few.
Yoga keeps me refreshed, flexible and calm. It enables me to deal with stressful situations with ease and promotes mental wellbeing.

Travel & other pursuits
Cars and long drives are my other passion. I have been on a couple of road trips to Europe, covering a couple of thousand miles and eight or nine countries on each occasion. Hoping to do more!
I also enjoy watching cricket and l support the Indian cricket team.