Fractured nose/Broken Nose

Fractured noses are common after trauma more so in children. If the bony part of the nose is out of position the bones can be repositioned after a short general anaesthetic or under a local anaesthetic. The nose is usually assessed after a week of the nasal injury to allow the swelling and bruising to settle down. The manipulation then if needed is usually done within two weeks of injury to the nose.

If the bony deformity or bent nose persists then a Rhinoplasty or a nose job can be performed. If the partition of the nose is also bent blocking the breathing passages, then an operation called Septorhinoplasty is needed to straighten the bent partition/gristle and the outer nasal bent bones. Mr. Dhanasekar after a careful assessment will explain the findings and discuss which procedure is needed. Everybody’s nose and face is different, so it may not be possible to make your nose look exactly like your perfect nose. He clearly listens to the patients and then explains to them as to the realistic achievable outcomes. He is trained to do these procedures.