Perforated ear drums

A hole in the ear drum is called a perforated ear drum. This can lead to recurrent ear infections and discharge. Smaller perforations can heal by themselves as long as the ears are kept dry. It is very important to avoid water getting into the ears while having a shower/bath or during swimming.Perforations which do not heal spontaneously will need an operation to close the hole in the ear drum. Mr. Dhanasekar does this procedure which is called Myringoplasty. The procedure is mostly done under a general anaesthetic; however it can be done in certain situations under a local anaesthetic. The operation involves using a graft material to patch the eardrum which is is taken from under the skin. Mr. Dhanasekar sometimes uses a bit of gristle/cartilage to cover larger perforations. He has audited his results and has a very good 85% success rate with these procedures.

Perforated Ear Drums