Child Tonsillitis

Tonsils are small lymphoid glands in the throat, one on each side. They are there to fight germs when you are a young child. As you get older, the tonsils become less important in fighting germs and usually shrink.

Tonsillectomy is done if they cause recurrent sore throats despite treatment with antibiotics. The other main reason for removing tonsils is if they are large and block the airway. Quinsy is an abscess that develops alongside the tonsil, as a result of tonsil infection, and is most unpleasant.

Mr. Dhanasekar routinely performs tonsillectomies in children. He will discuss the pros and cons of surgery with parents and also what to expect immediately after surgery. He would carry out Tonsillectomy for children at Spire Hospital in Hull or through the Lindsey suite at Scunthorpe General hospital or Trent Cliffs Private Health Care at Scunthorpe.

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