Catarrh/Runny Nose/Rhinitis

Catarrh is the medical term for a build-up of mucus in the back of the nose, throat, or sinuses. It is also referred to as postnasal drip. Normally the nose and sinuses produce a pint and a half of mucus secretions per day. People who suffer from catarrh experience the sensation most of the time and often for many years. Most people will get a degree of catarrh when they have a cold or flu, but this usually clears away quite quickly. People with chronic or long standing catarrh usually describe the feeling of having a constant cold but without any of the other symptoms of a cold. Catarrh is a difficult symptom to treat.

Runny nose is discharge of mucus from the nostrils. It’s the result of excess nasal mucus production. The excess nasal mucus leads to watery nasal secretions that flow out of your nostrils or drip down into your throat.

Rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal lining. It can cause a runny nose throughout the year which is called Perennial Rhinitis or it could be due to specific allergies called as Allergic Rhinitis.

Mr. Dhanasekar will go through a clear history followed by a thorough examination of your nose, sinus drainage areas, back of nose and throat with an endoscope in clinic. Treatable causes such as sinus problems and nasal polyps will be ruled out. He will then come to a clinical diagnosis. To rule out allergies he might organise a skin allergy test or blood tests.

The treatment then would depend on the findings. It might just be regular alkaline douches or saline rinses and a steroid nasal spray which help in control of the above symptoms.

catarrh treatment