Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the loss of hearing which can be in one or both ears. There are two main types of hearing loss – conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss.A problem of transmission (or conduction) of sound waves through the ear canal and middle ear is referred to as a conductive hearing loss. A problem with the translation of the sound waves into an electrical signal by the inner ear or the onward passage of those electrical impulses via the nerves to the brain is referred to as a sensorineural hearing loss.

Presbycusis is age related hearing loss. It is the most common cause for hearing loss in people aged over 55. It is mainly due to wear and tear in the inner ear and the nerves for hearing.  Digital hearing aids are useful in such hearing loss patients. They work by converting sound waves to digital signals, which are then processed and duplicated, making the sound even clearer.

Hearing loss & Tinnitus in one ear or worse in one ear would need to be checked and investigated further to rule out a benign tumour called Acoustic Neuroma.

To ascertain and treat the hearing loss, Mr. Dhanasekar would elicit a good history, careful examine the ears and organise a hearing test. The hearing test needs to be done in a sound proofed booth with calibrated equipment and done by a trained professional. Depending on the hearing loss Mr. Dhanasekar would discuss the treatment options.

hearing loss treatment